‘Art InSide Business’ is a progressive and innovative, especially for the Greek and European market program, which focuses on connecting Business, Art/Creative Industries, Social Science and Design for the development of soft & social skills, creativity and innovation, design thinking process, EQ, Leadership, for companies / organizations, institutions, startups, entrepreneurs, and students.



Mike Petrakis (Artist, Founder Director at ‘Art InSide Business, Coach/Mentor, Culture Development Specialist) is the inspirer and founder of the program. 

Through his collaborations as an intern and entrepreneur with many significant companies and institutions, has managed, lead, trained (including blended learning as a methodology and style, onsite & e-learning), and partnered with organizations from different sectors (Logistics, Finance, Telecommunications, Educational, Advertising, etc), institutions, startups, hubs, university students and unemployed, giving him varied skills and the ability to work with many people with variety of backgrounds, nationalities and cultures.

In today’s fast-growing competition at a social and professional level, new forms and new paths are needed to drive organizations, leaders, employees and professionals into more sophisticated and enriched processes, evolving personal skills and attributes with respect to the vision and values of each organization, team and entity.

The program provides multifaceted services to support the needs and goals of each organization, through blended methods and processes and the many common elements of Art and Business. 

‘Art InSide Business’ also provides services that enrich and reinforce in a broad context and content of every organization and every entity based on and tailored to their needs and goals. 

Areas of Expertise
⦁ Training & Development
⦁ People / Culture Development
⦁ Business Consulting
⦁ Emotional Intelligence
⦁ Creative Marketing ⦁ Leadership Development
⦁ Stakeholder Engagement
⦁ Learning Methodologies
⦁ Creative & Strategic Thinking
⦁ Design Thinking Process ⦁ Team Coaching / Mentoring
⦁ Organizational Development
⦁ Seminar / Workshop Facilitation
⦁ Customer Engagement
⦁ DEI Development


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