‘Top performers are the ones who manage to connect with others and have a balance between IQ & EQ’.

Professional Profile

‘Innovative coach and culture development professional with strong experience in the design and provision of seminars, e-learning courses, and training workshops for individuals and respected organizations’

 Focused on training, mentoring, and empowering teams with an aptitude for recognizing and developing talent and driving innovation and engagement. Skilled in the design and implementation of creative training strategies. Adept at responding to the needs of diverse groups of learners, with a consultative, growth-oriented, and creative approach to training and development. Combines exceptional managerial strengths with a commitment to building partnerships with HR teams, stakeholders, and third parties to support and embed projects and initiatives, implement new processes, facilitate operations, and maximize revenue and productivity.


  • Bachelor degree in ‘Graphic Arts Design and Communication’ at AKTO Arts & Design College.

  • Degree in Technical High School, department of ‘Architectural and Constructional Design’.

­ Certifications (No expiration dates).

Introduction to Psychology’ – University of Toronto; ‘Learning, Knowledge and Human Development’, ‘e-Learning ecologies- Teaching & Learning for the Digital Age’– University of Illinois;  ‘Types of Conflict’, ‘Intercultural Communication and Conflict Resolution’, ‘The Art of Negotiation’, ‘Project: Writing a Research Paper’ – University of California Irvine; ‘KPIs, Setting Expectations & Assessing Performance Issues and Coaching Practices’ University of California Davis; ‘Building your Leadership Skills’ – HEC Paris; ‘Leadership and Emotional Intelligence’ – Indian School of Business; ‘Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace’ – University of Pittsburgh; ‘Leadership Training and Researcher Management’ – University of Colorado; ‘Excel Skills for Business’ – Macquarie University; ‘Learning How to Learn – Powerful Mental Tools to Master Tough Projects’ – McMaster University; ‘Teamwork Skills: Communicating Effectively in Groups’ – University of Colorado Boulder; ‘How to Understand Arguments (Logic and Critical Thinking)’ – Duke University; ‘Better Business Writing in English’, ‘Speak English Professionally’ – Georgia Institute of Technology, ‘Influencing People’ – University of Michigan; ‘Human Resources’ – (Hiring Staff, Onboarding Process, Prepare and Implement HR Strategies, Enrolment), ‘How to Establish Meaningful Workplace Culture’ – BernieU University of Michigan; ‘Communication and Interpersonal Skills at Work’ – University of Leeds; ‘Project Management’, ‘Statistics Foundations’, ‘Build your Analytical Skills with Statistical Analysis’, ‘Critical Thinking & Decision Making’, ‘Attention to Detail Skills’ – Linkedin; ‘Introduction to Sustainable Finance’ – United Nations CC Learn; ‘Business Intelligence Analyst’, ‘Social Psychology’ – Udemy; ‘Professional Skills’ – (Solving Problems with Critical and Creative Thinking, Interpersonal Skills, Collaborate Effectively, Delivering Quality Work with Agility, Present with Purpose), ‘Deep Learning Fundamentals’ – IBM Training; ‘Presenting Data’, ‘Effective Leadership’, ‘Business Communications’, ‘Design Thinking’, ‘Starting Small Business’, ‘Strategic Planning’, ‘Customer Relationship Management’, ‘Social Entrepreneurship’, ‘Sales’, ‘Inventory Management’, ‘Social Media Marketing’, ‘Maximizing Capacity’ – Hewlett Packard Life; ‘Sales Management Training’, ‘Inbound Business’, ‘Content Marketing’ – HubSpot Academy; Certification – Vodafone Telecommunications, ‘Coach & Mentor’ – Inter-Chamber Body of Greece; ‘Coach & Mentor’ – Early Warning Europe


 ART INSIDE BUSINESS (L&D, Training, Consulting Firm)                                 

  • Founder Director, Leader, Trainer, Consultant, Mentor, Coach, Keynote Speaker, Learning & Development Specialist and Designer, Design Thinking Advisor.

Responsible for the development of Soft & Social Skills, Creativity, Innovation, Leadership and Organization’s People & Culture development, Emotional and Cultural Intelligence development, Engagement.

Areas of Expertise
• Training & Development
• People / Culture Development
• Business Consulting
• Emotional Intelligence
• Leadership Development
• Stakeholders Engagement
• Instructional Design
• Creative & Strategic Thinking
• Team Coaching & Mentoring
• Organisational Development
• Marketing Consulting
• Customers Engagement

 Member of ‘ESSI’ – European School of Social Innovation                            

EARLY WARNING EUROPE organization, (Freelance Associate)                  


  • Help and support family businesses and organizations to managing crisis and grow their business again.

‘Successful Leaders and Entrepreneurs, connect and bridge the present with the past and the future, the old with the new, they are curious about is surrounding them by seeking the unexplored.’


  • Athens – Greece Chamber of Tradesmen • Hellenic-Finnish Chamber of Commerce • The Egg Hub – Alpha Plan Consultants • BCA College • New York College • The Cube Hub Athens – Marcos Dragoumis Cultural Center • Money Show, as well as a Lecturer – Keynote Speaker.

  • I have collaborated also with significant organizations and institutions, such as ‘Air France-KLM’, ‘Vecom Marine’, ‘Coco Mat’, ‘Hellenic Ministry of Culture, ‘Embassy of Greece in the Netherlands’, ‘Embassy of Greece in France’, ‘Hellenic Community of Paris’, ‘Michael Cacoyannis Foundation’, ‘Vodafone’, ‘Wind Telecommunications’, ‘Vianox Svolos SA’, ‘Argo Travel’, ‘Bella Venezia Hotel’, ‘ERT TV’, ‘Epixeiro.gr’, ‘Voice of Greece’, ‘KOSMOS 93,6’, ‘All4yachting.gr’, ‘Elculture.gr’, ‘ATHENS 984’, etc.


 At my blog ‘ABCD’ (About Business Culture Development) www.mikepetrakis.com/index.php/art-inside-business/a-b-c-art-business-creativity you could read many of my personal statements, articles and to view videos about the development of soft skills, creativity, innovation, Leadership, Culture Development in Business, also the elements of a successful L&D specialist and trainer, where you could notice my extensive knowledge, skills & profile.   


Art, Entrepreneurship, Creative Industries, Design, Social Science Books-Articles-Studies, Music, Writing, Reading, Motivating People, Creating,- Upgrading my Knowledge and Skills, Connecting & Communicating, Visiting Cultural Events, Travelling, Social & Artistic Activities, Movies and Series.

  ‘Culture is the glue that holds an organization together and unites people around shared values and beliefs, the interwoven patterns of beliefs, values, practices, and artifacts that defines for members who they are and how they are to do things.


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