Art InSide Business by Mike Petrakis                                               


In recent years businesses and organizations have been constantly talking about the need to develop soft & social skills

and innovation as the biggest challenge for the 21st century. Innovation is inextricably linked to creativity.

'Art InSide Business' program focuses via the cooperation of Creative Industries and Business, on the rise and growth ofsoft & social skills in entrepreneurship, on developing Creativity, Creative communication and collaboration, Creative Leadership/Management, Creative Marketing, Creative Team Building, Design Thinking, Life Entrepreneurship, etc., on new ideas, services and better conditions and cooperation in a workplace.

'Art InSide Business' provides the tools needed to develop, enhance and boost creativity in the business environment. It is targeted on executives and employees of companies and organizations, creating the desired environment, based on the values and vision of each organization, entrepreneurs, university students, unemployment and on individual level.

In a more and more competitive modern market, where companies seek innovation to attract a larger audience and promote their businesses, art and artists as the most prominent example of creativity and innovation, could be the instrument to develop and enrich the important elements and values of Business.

The participants in the 'Art InSide Business’ program, interact more with their university studies, working subject and environment, enriching also their entity, productivity and professional status.

The Arts/Creative Industry provides the entrepreneurship with a wide range of tools and support, such as inventiveness / creativity through the artistic process and projects that contribute to innovation, which is the target/goal of each business.

We create, together with businesses and organizations, a common code of communication, approach and efficiency of the program.

‘’Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected’’. - William Plomer Author, Novelist, Literary Editor


Art/Creative Industry develops new ways of approaching and behaving at work, creating challenges and solving complex problems. They increase the spirit of cooperation between employees with skills others than the commonly used by entrepreneurship, such as accessibility, creative communication and for attracting new customers.

Art InSide Business offers new forms of corporate identity, expression through engaging in social issues, introduces and trains entrepreneurs in new environments where they develop their skills and activities.

The "Art InSide Business" program is the motivating tool that raises, builds and revitalizes mood and ambition, while giving new directions to employees according to the values of the business and organization. It translates concepts, terms and values of the business into art, deepens, divides, refreshes them and develops them through creativity. Common programs are funded by the European Union and very important foreign universities have integrated them into their educational curriculum, creativity lessons, artistic expressions, understanding the value of creativity in today's and future changes in businesses.

The aim of the program is also for the participants to become an artist in their professional subject, focusing on Creativity, Critical Thinking, Complex Problem Solving, Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Flexibility, etc, which according to the very important organizations ('World Economic Forum', ‘Forbes’, Fast Company, etc) are the skills that will prevail in the businesses in 2020, and that are the key elements of ‘Art InSide Business’ program.

<<Every innovative idea is a work of art, let us use the means of expression (art) as a tool for the emergence of innovation, through the creative tools it provides us with>>.

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