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‘Art InSide Business - Be Creative on Your Business’is a fresh and innovative, program that focuses on the combination of Art/Creative Industry and Business, in the progress and growth of soft skills in entrepreneurship,  creativity, self-confidence, unconscious creative reaction, innovation, emotional intelligence, creative marketing, creative complex solving, creative team Building, creative leadership, design thinking, etc, focusing on new ideas, services and products, better working, collaboration and communication conditions, for companies, various organizations and individuals.

Mike Petrakis (Artist, Co Founder Director at 'Art InSide Business') has several exhibitions and presentations of his work abroad and Greece. In his career he has been connecting and confronting the Creative Industry & Business many times, believing that one has to win a lot from each other and both in the creative process, always aiming at innovation. He has collaborated with very important firms, through lectures, seminars and training on the increase and development of soft skills, life entrepreneurship, to various organizations, companies and individuals. 

Today's growing competition at the social and professional level requires new forms and new paths to drive companies, organizations and personal level, more sophisticated and enriched processes, respecting the vision and values ​​of each organization. company, institution and individuals.

The program provides multifaceted services to enhance the needs and goals of each organization, through artistic processes and the many common elements of Art and Business.

The creative industry provides the tools needed to achieve the goals set by program learners through a common code.

Fundamental axes of the program are also the evolution of soft skills that will prevail in business in 2020, according to the very important organizations such as 'World Economic Forum', ‘Forbes’, Fast Company’, etc.

Similar programs exist in Europe and worldwide, through the co-operation of various institutions of Art/Creative Industry and Business, some of which are also funded by the European Union.

‘Art InSide Business - Be Creative on Your Business' provides additional services that enrich and reinforce in a broad context each organization and each entity, based on and tailored to their values ​​and needs.


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