My Art: Human existence through the redefinition of, icons, words, symbols and values!

Dear Friends,

On this post I explain the philosophy, the theory, also the target of my art, my works and projects. Showing the prespective and my contemporary conceptual creative way, what its represent at nowadays situation with diachronic value, at the art world.

Within my style, I want to redefine the meaning, the existence and the presence of the icons, words and symbols, opening a dialogue through our entity, nature and the configuration of humanity.


CROSS - SEX (Large)

CROSS – SEX (Large)

Icons illustrate their space in a new dimension and <language>, words are independent clauses and paragraphs, baring their meaning showing what is hiding behind them, also symbols misinterpret their explanation with the centre of all these, The Human….

Words are the connected links of two or more meanings, of two or more explanations and messages.

My Icons remaping their appearance, accompanied by the words and in the same time happening  the opposite, showing them in a different progress, in a different existence, in a different <message>, redefine, reproduce and regenerate their value.

The viewer who is looking at my work, I want to get into the philosophy of my art and conceptualize more in the hidden messages. At the same time the <voice> of my creations having an obvious message keeping the secret combinations of the visible and the unvisible.

Monitors Spare our Light...Monitors Scare our Wight-1 copy

Monitors Spare our Light…Monitors Scare our Wight…

PAINt copy




My aim at the same time is to give a new and fresh interpetation at our urban world and outside of it. Also to bring in  <life>, the nowadays <aseptic> use, of them. (Icons, words, symbols, e.t.c.).

The words <inside> my works are not represent just the title of the works, are the continuation of the pictures…

My works through their philodophy, as an Art Historian in a Greek University and also a good friend, says, are gloomy, ascribe them in a cynic way…

EXist-EXit-EX copy


Within my expression style, negotiate, in a way, the submission of all the <products> I consume at my personal and social life, bringing them on the front again through my idiosyncrasy.

At my Neon Lights creations, words become phrases and I want to show at the surface, all their hidden messages.



At the end, my unique visual language and innovative art – philosophy recharge any particular semiology, my creations affected by the nowadays culture and ending in a contemporary diachronic value, focusing mainly on the concerns of all people worldwide…

YES SIR copy







This is, in a few words and examples, an inside story, of my art, philosophy and style…


Next solo show, ‘The Land of D€MOCRA$¥’ installation project, 8-20 October 2013, at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, in Athens – Greece.

Following projects, “ARTIST…” and “More Than Words…”

With Regards
Mike Petrakis

Twitter: @mike_petrakis

8 Responses to “My Art: Human existence through the redefinition of, icons, words, symbols and values!”

  1. Danny Says:

    Hello Mr. Petrakis, reading your latest post, found an interest style or theory as you provide it. In further, that personal view of the words, combine them with images has a dynamic expression, which in my opinion, make the work, talking to the viewer. Thank you.

  2. Mary Says:

    I love your work and style, or philosophy as you call it, Mr. Petrakis. Is different and smart, not just a usual statement and work in the art world. A hello from an artist in London.

  3. Michael Says:

    Dear Mr. Petrakis, I’m an artist from Florida U.S.. I visit several times your website and blog, cause I found your work and statement very interesting for today’s art world. Especially the smart play with the words and pictures. I’ve sent you an email with a link, where you could see my art, please response, cause I want to hear your opinion. Thank you in advance.

  4. Karin Says:

    Awesome and Inspired work and philosophy.

  5. Anna Says:

    Great work, also a very interesting philosophy and comments for our social world. Anna Karvouni

  6. David H. Says:

    Mr. Petrakis, reading your new post for the philosophy of your art, I recognize more of the elements who try to show through our work. I found something different and not so easy to understand. Is not bad that on my opinion. Thanks for sharing all the details with people who love art.

  7. Karina Says:

    Thank you for sharing the information of your work Mr. Petrakis. Unique work and individual expression. For me as an artist is a subject and good example, during the statement of my work as well. Karina

  8. Johnny J. Says:

    Your work with a Cross becoming sex, is exact comment about religion and people. Very creative idea and artwork. I visit many times your blog to see your posts, finding an interesting staff.

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