“Is beautiful to have an artwork to decorate your room - space, but is more beautiful to have an artwork to decorate your mind and soul as well..."

My art is inspired by a wide range of images and notions, from objects to words, coming from the massive world urban culture of previous and contemporary times. The modern world is illustrated more emphatically, the means used being the basic principles of consumerism, politics, lifestyle and, of course personal experience.

According to my artistic beliefs, Art ought to be active and innovative, without a trace of repeated, static patterns. Art ought to be revolutionary, inspiring, awakening, urging people to follow it.
‘Fine artist is, to have your own and unique style, is to have your trade mark.’

The usage of popular icons-images, words, subjects-matters and concerns that affect every human being worldwide, are combined in a way that affects each and every person.
‘Every human’s enemy is his/her own self, so he/she has to fight till last breath…’

I want to redefine the meaning, the existence and the presence of the icons, words and symbols, opening a dialogue through our entity, nature and the configuration of humanity..

Also urges us to realize our life, to create ourselves the space, time and to adapt it to our own perception.
Icons illustrate their space in a new dimension and <language>, words are independent clauses and paragraphs, baring their meaning showing what is hiding behind them, also symbols misinterpret their explanation with the centre of all these, The Human….
In life one must not be just another person, but another entity…

Words are the connected links of two or more meanings, of two or more explanations and messages.
My Icons remaping their appearance, accompanied by the words and in the same time happens the opposite, showing them in a different progress, in a different existence, in a different <message>, redefine, reproduce and regenerate their value.

The viewer who is looking at my work, I want to get into the philosophy of my art and conceptualize more in the hidden messages. At the same time the <voice> of my creations having an obvious message keeping the secret combinations of the visible and the unvisible.
‘Conservatism is the permanent world war to humanity…’

My aim also, is to give a new and fresh interpetation at our urban world and outside of it. Also to bring in <life>, the nowadays <aseptic> use, of them. (Icons, words, symbols, e.t.c.).

The words <inside> my works are not just represent the title of the works, are the continuation of the pictures…
Within my expression style, negotiate in a way, the submission of all the <products> I consume at my personal and social life, bringing them on the front again through my idiosyncrasy…

As an Art Critic said: <Mike Petrakis’s art has the geometry of Russian Avant Garde, forms of the Modernism, the messages and the substratum of Surrealism, the recognizable of the objects, images, icons as well with the expectation impact of the Pop Art.

Redefine and reconstruct the objects and the icons as DADA did, the value and the power of the silhouettes like Abstract Expressionism, the execution and the gloss of colors of the Impressionism>.

Yours sincerely
Mike Petrakis


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