‘In life one must not be just another person, but another entity…’

I’m a contemporary conceptual artist and my art is characterized by secret gems and mind teasers that I have planted throughout for the viewer to find. My aim is to challenge the audience so as to look twice at my surrealistic work and to be rediscovered. 
My philosophy is that “Art should appeal to a wide audience of all social tiers; it should be seen by as many people as possible in order to form a segment of the cultural discourse of a society” with principal mission not to cynically reject the whole of society along with its signs and symbolism, but, instead, to manage to reopen the debate on the associations we sometimes automatically make with various cultural icons. 
Furthermore Art ought to react to all the pre-established cultural images – symbols and to recycle them in such a way that it alters their utility and valor, towards all consumers. This redefinition of words and other signifiers alludes their increasing corruption and corrosion while we consume them daily.
I consistently aim to free the viewer from any fixed concepts and ideas and misconceptions, acquired as a result of brainwashing. By reeducation however we may have the only possible chance against those aggressive indoctrinations.
The spectators will instantly discover how my philosophical and artistic expression has multilingual, multicultural extensions and diachronic values, with indications on modern concerns affecting our future. And it is through the position of humanity across our existence, that we connect our reactions and attitudes with the conduct and treatment towards society, nature and technology.

Studies: Graphic ART Design & Communication at ‘AKTO’ Art & Design College, in Athens – Grecce

December 2022:  

A presentation and selection of my works published by Chinese organization ‘Culture Sower Global Media’. 

September 2021: 

A presentation of my work have been published in the magazine ‘Anima Mundi Academia Art Magazine’.

January 2008:

My artworks have been published in the book “Harvests Of New Millennium”, sold in bookstores in the USA & the UK as well as on the internet.

April 2007:

The English magazine “Dazed & Confused” published my work of POP CORN art, in its April 2007 issue, as one of the four winners of the competition “Make Art, Make Fun Of Art” which was conducted by the electronic site www.freedm2.com. Also, all four pieces of artwork were printed on giant posters of Brooklyn’s in New York and San Francisco.

June 2003:

My creations were the object of the graduation essay of an undergraduate of the History of Art at the National Technical University of Athens.

March 2003:

My work ‘POP CORN’ and ‘OLIVE OIL’ art, together with my installation ‘SINCE THE MONITORS’ were used in a prime time reality TV show on ‘Mega Channel’ called ‘The Party’ as a comment on the contemporary preoccupation with image and vanity.

 Solo shows:

  • January 24 – 3 February 2017 ”The Land of D€MOCRA$¥’’ – ‘ Demo for… Democracy’ at ‘Maison de la Grece’ Paris – France

  • 22 – 25 October 2015 ”The Land of D€MOCRA$¥’’ – ‘ Demo for… Democracy’ at Helsinki – Finland

  • 8 – 20 October 2013 ”The Land of D€MOCRA$¥’’ at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation – (Athens, Greece)

  • July 9 – July 23, 2013 ”Call it Hate, Call it Love, I call it ART” at the Bella Venezia Hotel – (Corfu, Greece)

  • June 4 – August 2, 2013 ”’The Land of D€MOCRA$¥’’ at the Greek Embassy in Hague – (Hague, Netherlands)

  • June 6 – July 22 2012 ”The Land of D€MOCRA$¥’’ at the Municipal Gallery of Corfu – (Corfu, Greece)

  • December 22 2011 – January 21, 2012 ”PeopleOnProduce” at M55 Art Gallery (New York, USA)

  • August 2011 ”Past-PresentOnProgress” at Polytechno (Corfu, Greece)

  • November 2004 ‘’Merry POPpins’’ at Gallery Café (Athens, Greece)

  • May 2004 ‘’PO Po All the World’’ at AshInArt (Athens, Greece)

  • April 2004 ‘’POP POURI’’ at Floraki Art Gallery (Piraeus, Greece)

  • March 2002 ‘’GO CreationART’’ at Club 22 (Athens, Greece)

 Group shows:

  • May 2022 A selection of my works presented at the ‘Art People & Me Art Museum’ on its Summer 2022 virtual group exhibition 

  • August 2002 ‘’Untitled’’ at Corfu, Greece

  • May 2001 ‘’POP GANGSTARS’’ at Gallery AKTO (Athens, Greece)

  • March 2001 ‘’Once you POP you just can’t STOP’’ at Club Plan B (Athens, Greece)

My original works and prints belong to private art collections, also at the collections of the ‘Municipal Gallery of Corfu’ – Greece at ‘Michael Cacoyannis Foundation’ in Athens Greece and ‘Maison de la Grece’ in Paris.

Original artworks limited reproductions and signed – numbered prints are available.



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