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'Αrt InSide Business’ targets


  • The program focuses on the restoration, promotion and development of creativity with the aim of innovation.

  • Adapts to any organization-company, Institution, project and individuals, separately and uniquely.

  • Focuses on the unconscious reaction of trainees, through creativity and positive results.

  • Create the space for the creation of new ideas, new services and products from the participants and firms.

  • Help the participants on how to become innovate also in their everyday lives.

  • Regains the passion for their profession and on the organization they are working on.

  • Growth and better assembly of thought and memory.

  • Develop EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and connect it with IQ.

  • Strengthening co-operation and better working conditions as well as better communication between executives, employees and clients. The executives through art education become more open, receptive and understandable in contact with employees.

  • Developing a way of connecting different things and elements as an important basis for creativity.

  • Develop critical thinking and emotional intelligence.

  • Creative Marketing skills.

  • Creative Team Building

Combining increased collaboration, passion and enthusiasm with simultaneous increase of creativity. The creation will also be exposed to the workplace of the respective organization as a result/symbol of all the above. 

  • Design Thinking process.

  • Develop Creative Self-Confidence.

  • Developing and creating better working environment inside the organization.

  • Focusing on elements and skills that will dominate in Business by 2020, according to the World Economic Forum, such as Critical Thinking, Complex Problem Solving, Emotional Intelligence, Crisis and Decision Making, Cognitive Flexibility.

  • Many workshops for performance at a practical level (Practicum is on great importance for organizations-companies), better assimilation of objectives and seminars of the program.

  • Develop Acceptability, Acceptance, and <Collection of things>.

  • <Balance> of all members, executives and employees of an organization and respect for the role of each.


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