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‘All Starts from ABC (Art, Business, Creativity)’

Written by Mike Petrakis.

Dear Creatives, (I appeal to everyone, artists, businessmen/businesswomen, etc.).

Through ABC (Art, Business, Creativity), I will publish articles, thoughts, items, etc., referring to the art/creative industry and business, and the need for this collaboration for the present and for our future.

Our society needs more artists/creative thinkers to think as businesspeople and more entrepreneurs to think artistically and creatively, to evolve.

As a starting point, I will publish some pieces I have collected from the publications of well-known and important organizations about the need for collaboration between Art/Creative Industry & Business, for society...

<< Every innovative idea is a work of art, let us use the medium of expression (art) as a tool for the emergence of innovation, through the creative tools it provides us >>.

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