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Artworks: Iulian Opie – ‘Man’ – ‘Woman in high heels with telephone’

First, I would like to wish to everyone, a wonderful, healthy and especially creative 2020.

So, which are the elements for a remarkable and innovative Leader? How a great Leader create his/her own mark? How a Leader give us a perspective on our social condition and he/she can change our lives meaningful?


Below I suggest 22 elements that must accompany the culture of a remarkable Leader.

  • He/she knows how to connect with the people, society and our world.
  • Deepened in everything and he/she is flexible.
  • Function beyond the traditional ways.
  • Convey meanings, in non obvious and captivating ways, as opposed to giving simple directives and making straightforward declarations of fact.
  • He/she present a stylistic distinctiveness that is an honest expression of his/her individuality and personal beliefs.
  • He/she offer complex and challenging information that stimulates intellectual effort and imaginative contemplation.
  • Provide emotionally rewarding experiences that are shared among members of a group, promoting stronger bonds and fostering personal fulfillment.
  • He/she Inspires, is consistent, creative, unique, passionate, and knows how to engage.
  • Cultivating uncertainty and alternative ideas, preserving the questions.
  • Portraying paradoxes and has the ability to go deeper.
  • Integrating whole-brain – mindfulness generative thinking.
  • Connect emotionally with literally.
  • Creating and connecting emotional with logical stories.
  • He/she has colorful personality and background.
  • Knows how to explore, how to express, how to experiment and how to execute his/her ideas.
  • Produce cohesive patterns by selecting, rejecting, and relating the various components available to him/her and to express his/her vision.
  • Recognize the central role of imagination and individual performance.
  • His/her mind, making effective syntheses.
  • His/her personal prejudice, belief, tradition, and temperament, build and destroyed every time he/she makes rearrangements of his/her possibilities.
  • Compromise between the vision he/she has and the limits are available.
  • Learn from critiques of success and failure.
  • He/she has the desire to communicate his/her purpose.

Artwork: Mark Titchner - 'We Want Strong Leadership'

A Remarkable Leader drawing on the right minds, has his/her own style, his/her own trade mark, knows how to connect all the elements and he/she is not copying…

A Remarkable Leader put people first and his/she enable people with the right capabilities his/she needs to succeed. A Great & Remarkable leader shaping his/her and our future, not reacting to it, his/she is courageous enough to abandon a practice that has made him/her successful in the past, but will not make him/her successful in the future.

He/she builds also great teams around him/her that are diverse, innovative and courageous, to help him/her succeed every day…

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