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Mr. Mike Petrakis will refer to the necessity of developing soft skills in entrepreneurship, elements that will prevail in the future mainly by the challenging of Artificial Intelligence and strengthening them through the collaboration of Creative Industry and Business.

In today's growing competition at a social and professional level, we need new forms and new paths, to drive executives and employees into more sophisticated and enriched processes, evolving personal skills and attributes with respect to the vision and values ​​of each entity, organization and institution.

According to very important organizations abroad, such as the World Economic Forum, ‘Forbes’, Fast Company’ skills such as Creativity, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Crisis and Decision Making, Cognitive Flexibility are abilities that will prevail in business in the future.

The series of seminars and workshops to follow will provide multiplied services to enhance the needs and goals of each trainee/participant, via the many common elements of the Creative Industry and Business.

*The lecture and the seminars will be intensely interactive.
*On the participants of the seminars will be given a certification and personal evaluation.

Major universities abroad such as Harvard, Stanford, Oklahoma State and others, recognizing the value of developing soft skills for the future, have included courses in their educational program.

The Economist “Business has much to learn from the arts.” ‘’Studying the arts (and creativity, can help businesspeople communicate more eloquently. Most bosses spend a huge amount of time “messaging” and “reaching out”, yet few are much good at it...’’

‘Forbes’: ‘’Unleash Your Inner Business Artist... By adding creativity into everything you do, you’ll up your ante and give yourself an extra turn of the knob for your own success. This infusion of artistry is the fastest way to advance your career and your company…’’

‘Business Insider’: ‘’Why Apple employees learn design from Pablo Picasso … When Apple employees go to the tech company’s super-secretive course on How Apple Does Things…’’

‘Inc’: ‘’Why Startups should hire Liberal Arts Graduates…’’

Lecturer/Trainer : Mike Petrakis Mr. Mike Petrakis (Co-Founder Director at ‘Art InSide Business’, Artist) has several exhibitions and presentations of his work abroad and Greece. In his career he has been connecting and confronting the Creative Industry & amp; Business many times, believing that one has to win a lot from each other and both in the creative process, always aiming at innovation. He has collaborated with very important firms, through lectures, seminars and training on the increase and development of soft skills, to various organizations, companies and individuals.


Tuesday May 22nd ‘The Cube’, Kleisovis 9, PO BOX 106 77, Exarchia,
Athens 19:00 – 21:00 (Entrance Free)

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