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'The Cube' hosts Mr. Mike Petrakis (Co Founder Director at 'Art InSide Business', Project Manager at 'C.A.B.', Artist), at his lecture - presentation 'Be Creative On Your Business - All start from Arts & Business to Cs (Creativity, Critical Thinking, Connection, Complex problem Solving, Creative Leadership etc), Thursday April 19, 19:00-21:00, 9 Kleisovis Str., 10677, Exarhia - Athens, Attica.

'Art InSide Business’ is a fresh and innovative, program especially for the Greek market, focuses on the combination of Art/Creative Industry and Business, in the progress and growth of creativity, self-confidence, automated reaction, Innovation, Creative Marketing, Creative Team Building, Creative Leadership, Design Thinking, etc, focusing on new ideas, services and products.

 Today's growing competition at the social and professional level requires new forms and new paths to drive companies, organizations and personal level, more sophisticated and enriched processes, respecting the vision and values of each organization/ company, Institution and in individual level.

The program through seminars and workshops, provides multiplied services to enhance the needs and goals of each participant, through artistic processes via the many common elements of Creative Industry and Business, as well similar projects have created by the European Union.

According to very important organizations abroad, such as the 'World Economic Forum', skills such as Creativity, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Emotional Intelligence, Crisis and Decision Making, Cognitive Flexibility, etc. are abilities that will prevail in business in 2020, and are the main axes of the ‘Art Inside Business – Be Creative On Your Business’ seminars that will be launched at 'The Cube' for the development of soft skills, mainly with the challenge of Artificial Intelligence.

Corresponding programs already exist abroad through the co-operation of various bodies of Art and Business, some of which are also funded by the European Union.

Also, major universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Oklahoma State and others, recognizing the value of creativity for the future, have included in their training program specific creative development lessons with artistic methods.

*The lecture and the seminars will be intensely interactive.

*On the participants of the seminars will be given a certification and personal evaluation.

'The Economist': “Business has much to learn from the arts.”

‘’Studying the arts (and creativity, can help businesspeople communicate more eloquently. Most bosses spend a huge amount of time “messaging” and “reaching out”, yet few are much good at it...’’

‘Forbes’: ‘’Unleash Your Inner Business Artist... By adding creativity into everything you do, you’ll up your ante and give yourself an extra turn of the knob for your own success. This infusion of artistry is the fastest way to advance your career and your company…’’

The Times’:’Banks need arts graduates to put humanity back into business… Royal Bank of Scotland seeking to hire a new generation of arts graduates as it blames “linear thinking” mathematicians and economists for elements of the financial crisis…’’

Thursday April 19, at 'The Cube' 9 Kleisovis Str., 10677, Exarhia - Athens, Attica




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