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Dear Friends,

In today's constantly changing and evolving society and market, as well with the challenge of AI, beyond on academic knowledge and hard skills, we must focus on the development of soft skills, on the evolution of elements such as Creativity, Critical thinking, Connection of things, Collaboration, on the recognition and development of EQ, etc.

These are key elements for everyone if they want to innovate, to become more competitive, evolve and move forward. Whether we are talking about an entity, an organization, or Institution. The knowledge we receive from universities and schools which are very important, need enrichment and reinforcement of other elements, through education that will <push>, lead to success, that will make us differ and overtake the competition.

In my seminars and lectures I teach and educate the need for entrepreneurship to connect and <turn> to other elements if you are aiming to become a leader as an entity and organization, you need to become more open and receptive, working on all these important bases (soft skills), and grow.

Through the ‘Art InSide Business’ program we provide a wide range  enrichment of soft skills development capabilities, connecting art/creative industry with business along with additional program services, and we will continue publish more about them in Art, Business, Creativity, (ABC). My next lecture is at BCA College on February 22, titled 'It all starts from ABC and leads to... BCA', aiming to become a certified seminar at college. We will continue to talk regularly from here and through my blog.

Mike Petrakis

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