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‘New Work in Development and A.B.C.’

Saturday, August 11th, 2018

Dear Friends,

The last period, our communication and reconciliation is mainly through my new blog, ABC (Art, Business Creativity) on the ‘Art InSide Business’ menu on my website (ABC- Art, Business, Creativity)

Where I have published several articles about my educational program ‘Art InSide Business’ providing via seminars, workshops and other services, expressing through the combination of Art / Creative Industry and Business for the development of soft skills, where art could have an important and active role, through its characteristics (art), the evolution of elements which will the most important role in the future of Business and Life Entrepreneurship.

Coming back to, I would like to share as a sample, two works (the photos are on purpose blurred), from my new artistic work on development.

Coming and continuing from my philosophy where you can also see at my statement, again at my official website. My new direction is at a more autobiographical level, emphasizing in memories and influences, on the point of view of my conciliation as an entity and the impact they have all the things surrounded me.

Elements that have been influenced me, through my lectures and seminars, along with the increasing influence of technology and the balance between human existence and its increasing imposition and its constant evolution (I’m talking about technology of course). Besides, technological science and especially through Artificial Intelligence is rapidly evolving, sometimes influencing positively or negatively other actors such as art, medicine, business, etc., leading us to a confused communication and cooperation with others and beyond our deeper self, above all.

All these for the moment, we will continue and develop our communication, through ABC and

Kind Regards

Mike Petrakis

Artworks: ‘Memory Chip’, 70×100 cm, Acrylic , ‘Bone’, 100×70 cm, Acrylic