‘My quotes about, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Soft Skills, Creativity & Innovation’

Dear Friends,

Preparing my new artistic work, in this article i will post some of my quotes i share as a tip to various entrepreneurs and different companies i work with, through my seminars and lectures.

Leadership & Entrepreneurship

‘Successful Leaders and Entrepreneurs, connect and bridge the present with the past and the future, the old with the new, they are curious about is surrounding them by seeking the unexplored, as artists do’.

 ‘For a Leader is A, B, Cs.. Adaptability, Balance, Cs… Creativity, Critical Thinking, Complex problem solving, Communication, Collaboration, Connection, Creative Leadership, Criticism, Cognitive flexibility, Curiosity, Conciliation, Combination’.

‘In today’s growing competition and emerging need to study continuous social changes, we require creative leaders in entrepreneurship, visionaries, flexible leaders to inspire and who do not hesitate to take risks. Creative leaders who are motivated by their passion such us Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, constantly seeking new ideas, innovation, connecting the seemingly unconnected, which is the basis for creativity and innovation’.

‘Imagination, Curiosity, Intent, Focus, Engagement, Authenticity, Criticism, Form and Reform, Skill, Representation, Context and Purpose are elements of a great Leader’.

‘Creative Leaders, creative entrepreneurs and artists use their own experiences and aspirations as a starting point for dreaming up new things’.

‘Successful Leaders and Entrepreneurs, connect and bridge the present with the past and the future, the old with the new, they are curious about is surrounding them by seeking the unexplored, as artists do’.

‘Creative Leaders like Artists give us a taste of the mystery and help make sense the world, also they not view the world through scarcity’.

‘A Creative and Innovative Leader must be open minded and good learner, to be receptive and to collect by different sources and different people. To knead and work his/her mind through critical thinking. Must be visionaire andto function beyond traditional ways’

‘Why art in Entrepreneurship…? Because art is, Creativity, Innovation, Value, Quality, Purpose, how we see things without scarcity, how we accept , receive  and connect with things and our world…’

‘For a Leader and Entrepreneur steps are from D to A… Design, Creation, Build, Artistry’.


  • Express- explore- experiment on new trends in our society, whether is technology, art, science, etc.

  • Steal an idea, like an artist does, recreating and remaking it, presenting it through their own vision.

  • Function through critical thinking and view, because their mind is always in creative process.

Soft Skills

‘Top performers they’re the ones who manage to connect with others and have a balance between IQ & EQ’.

‘We need more anthropocentric values inside the business, as well as training methods for executives and employees must structured with more humanistic elements’.

‘In our fast growing society and aiming for better culture in entrepreneurship, we need more anthropocentric values, more critical thinkers and more Artistic Leaders’.

‘In today’s ecosystem we need more than ever to develop Cultural Intelligence CQ to function effectively in culturally diverse settings and  become emotionally well-adjusted with high Emotional Intelligence EQ’.

 ‘Success comes from generous exchange of information’

‘By educating through art/creative industry we also want to highlight that cultural and social progress is essential for economic growth’.

‘Educating with Images in combination with words, is scientifically approved to be  more efficient in taking up, with better impact and results, as well main concepts or ideas can be reinforced through imagery educating’.

We need to create slogans for a great stories and to create stories with great slogans’.

Creativity & Innovation

 ‘Every Innovative creation is a work of art. Let use  Art/Creative Industry as a medium of a expression, as a tool for the emergence of innovation, through the creative tools it provide us…’

‘Innovation is part Art part Science’.

‘Innovation is Art… If you want to succeed in your project you must not view the world through scarcity cause… Creative Leaders and Entrepreneurs give us a taste of the mystery and help make sense the world’.

‘The most damaging phrase in the language of innovation is… ‘We always done it this way’.

‘A successful Innovator and Entrepreneur must…Explore-Express-Experiment, Execute and Expand’.

‘Innovation is a mix of older creations and new ideas, such us contemporary movements in art are a connections and evolution of older artistic movements and creations’.

Mike Petrakis

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  1. Makis Papanastasiou Says:

    Hello Mr. Petrakis. I have participated in two of your open courses and I”ll be glad to be in present to your following one.Very inspiring quotes. Makis Papanastasiou, HR Associate and Consultant.

  2. Prof. Yannis Kampetsis Says:

    Some of them are great, especially for Leadership development, Mr. Petrakis. Looking forward for our meeting. Prof. Yannis Kampetsis, Professor in Marketing and Business Development.

  3. Αλεξάνδρας Παρίσης Says:

    Γεια σας Κύριε Πετράκη. Είχαμε συναντηθεί σε παλαιότερη διάλεξη σας στο The Cube. Μου αρέσει ο τρόπος προσέγγισης και έκφρασης σας, Τον θεωρώ διαφορετικό και πολύ ουσιώδη ταυτόχρονα. Να είσαστε καλά.

  4. Erica Kastranioti Says:

    Wonderful and inspiring. I love the way you connect art, business, science and technology. Erica Kastranioti. Student in Psychology and Personal Development

  5. Thomas Shaaf Says:

    Fine diverse and critical approach, especially about organizations agree that we need more humanistic elements. Nice one

  6. Gary Peintone Says:

    Marvellous and very motivate!!

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