New work in development…

So about humanity, human being, entity and our purpose… is Artificial or Arteryficial Intelligence… Leg, Egg or lEGG?

Our Memory has been transformed into Chip.

Our Worries turn into War Is?

I am the ONE or bONE?

Our life is a Line or Lie?

My new work… still in development…


7 Responses to “New work in development…”

  1. Megan Says:

    Wonderful new creations!!!

  2. Nicole Birdman Says:

    Glad to meet your new work in development Mr. Petrakis. Expecting to see more soon also information for a new show. Nicole

  3. Hannah Blaske Says:

    Great idea and presentations, about the creations wit human figure and Memory chip. Contemporary art for our contemporary existence

  4. George Perris Says:

    Wonderful new work Mr. Petrakis. Looking forward for your next show.

  5. Gary Miltrend Says:

    Magnificent statement about our world. Specific Arteryficial Intelligence with cables as arteries and veins. Yeap!!!

  6. Marina Georgiou Says:

    Absolutely love them!! Congrats.

  7. Mark Philippe Says:

    Beautiful commentary for our nowadays dependence. Thanks Mr. Petrakis

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