“The Land of D€MOCRA$¥’ – ‘Demo… for Democracy’ in Finland & why Business should corporate with Art and Artists’

Dear Friends,

After the last presentation of my installation – exhibition in Helsinki – Finland, with another big response from the audience.

I would like above all, to thank For the successful presentation of the exhibition installation, the Finnish – Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, which I would like to thank once more.

'FIN(E)(AL)LAND' one of the new works for Finland

‘FIN(E)(AL)LAND’ one of the new works for Finland

As well, I would like to thank the media sponsors, ERT, KOSMOS 96,3,The Voice of Greece, Epixeiro.gr, Wellenwide, ForFree.gr, for their support and the audience for the participation.

Invitation front copy

Now I focus on the coming exhibitions of the installation in Paris and Athens. Where in addition to the many new projects that will be exposed, there will be many new features that will enhance and enrich the exhibition and the message of the installation.

At the same time I’m on development for my other art projects for some others presentations of my work.



I would like to commemorate the collaboration with the Finnish-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce to dwell again in importance, value, evolution and the two-way benefits that stand to gain from the partnership between the arts and business, recognizing it again with this my last collaboration


All this needs as I already placed, the consistency and the support of both sectors for the success of this coexistence. The beginning should be done by businesses-organizations which should support through sponsorships and other procedures the arts highlighting the impact but also the same, getting-receiving (businesses) a more positive picture for their image. At the same time it is returned as a return from the arts in kind, such as creations, projects, services etc…

At the link below you can hear one of my latest interviews at ATHINA 984 on Mr. Eythimios Tsiropoulos.


Kind Regards

Mike Petrakis

7 Responses to ““The Land of D€MOCRA$¥’ – ‘Demo… for Democracy’ in Finland & why Business should corporate with Art and Artists’”

  1. Fred Says:

    Is a very interesting show, especially now via the immigration situation in Europe. I hope to visit it in Paris or in somewhere else European city. I admire the philosophy with all the post modern social expressions of your Mr. Petrakis. Fred Porter.

  2. Marina Says:

    Mr. Petrakis, totally agree with your tweet about art collectors, art market and all around. I retweeted to your post again @mike_petrakis: We first met art collectors,after all this become art, as an investment. Real art and art lovers is far from art market,or beauty destroyers

  3. Daas H. Says:

    I saw the exhibition in the Netherlands and I liked the approach and your performance Mr Petrakis. I hope to manage visit it and in Paris with the new projects that are going to occur. Congratulations for your work Mr. Petrakis.

  4. Brenda Says:

    Very Nice!

  5. Tamara Says:

    ‘The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don’t have to waste your time voting.’ Charles Bukowski…
    That’s all…Tamara

  6. Michael Says:

    And another quote about democracy by H. Mencken – ‘Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance’. Wonderful work Mr. Petrakis.

  7. jean Says:

    Democratie in Europe/#Je Suis Paris.

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