ART Fairs Are… Fair?

Watching the videos from the recent Art Fairs from around the world doesn’t notice any difference from those who presented and promoted in recent years based on the Art Market and not as the artistic value and meaning of art.

In the Art Fairs which I’m really glad for their existence and continuous growth, we see in a very clearly way the global <language> of artists where I’m not denying there interesting and acceptable expression.

 What gives me many objections is the joint enforcement of galleries in artistic proposals and presentations that are losing their cultural property and specificity of each society, translated into entertainment, interesting mainly only from an aesthetic point of view and perspective, with great lack of spirituality.


The galleries remind me in their presence in Art Fairs big brand names and corporations like Mc Donalds, Starbucks opened franchise worldwide with the same products and services.

The galleries that exist mainly in large urban centers worldwide, it’s like you are or have purchased-get the franchise out of the base of the New York Art Market and follow it..


Market just like often, has nothing to do with what is worth, what is new, fresh and interesting…

Of course I am not referring to all projects and artists but in the majority.


Also announce that ‘The Land of D€MOCRA$¥’ installation – exhibition will present with many new works at the following cities in Europe and Greece.

Helsinki – Finland under the patronage of the Finnish Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, (which I would like to express my regards forthe support), starting at October 22 2015. At Paris – France, Athens – Greece, and more…. where soon I will also announce more details

 Below you will find a very interesting link from a Saatchi Gallery Debate:

‘Art Fairs Are About Money Not Art ‘

Kind Regards

Mike Petrakis

7 Responses to “ART Fairs Are… Fair?”

  1. Robert Zeman Says:

    I agree with you Mr. Petrakis, the art market has imposed rules that differ from the true meaning of art and the position to be taken by the artist in society and to humanity. The galleries work with reference to the economic benefit and only slightly with the artistic value of the artistic work.

  2. Γεωργία Δουκάτου Says:

    Είμαι καλλιτέχνης και θα συμφωνήσω και εγώ μαζί σας Κύριε Πετράκη. Η τέχνη έχει παραδώσει την υπόσταση της και την εσωστρέφεια της στο αχόρταγο κοινό που αγνοεί και την πραγματική ύπαρξη και θέση στον κόσμο και εξέλιξη μας. Αντιμετωπίζεται ως ένα ψυχρό προ’ι’όν και στην χώρα μας κυρίως η αμάθεια και η άγνοια των θεωρητικών και των εκτός τέχνης είναι πραγματικά απογοητευτική.

  3. Manuel Says:

    Art is human’s expression and not galleries, collectors or dealers impact and will.

  4. Jonathan Says:

    Having visited some Art Fairs I consider important their existence and place in contemporary art. They can’t have the role of museums because they must rely on revenue from their galleries, collectors and artists. However I agree that affect and adopting market rules, that do not reflect the true meaning of art. I find very interesting your work Mr Petrakis and I send a request to your email. I await your response. With appreciation

  5. Bill Long Says:

    Today is so much difficult for an artist to show his work, far from what art market wants to present. We need to start conversation about how art critics, galleries, e.t.c. and artists must change their reaction, pointing to what is real art should be, despite to what the maket wants to sell. Collectors should start love art first away from how much it’s worth an art piece.

  6. Katarina Says:

    Collectors and galleries should support and protect the artists and not to treat art as a common commercial product, concluding that the predestination of art dies on the altar of money and exploitation.

  7. Sandy Says:

    Art is Far From… money!

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