‘My PostcARTS’ part II

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This is the second part of my most important lines, photos and mentions, on 3 years of operation of this blog…

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Posted, July 20th & September 30th, 2011

(Computer & Communication)

Everyone knows that we are living through technology progress. On people’s intercourse, through cold sentimentalism and digital contact.

Which taking us to inaccessible sociability.

I have mentioned about this through my art – philosophy in my older creations, like SPIDER-MAN, also within my new projects. Consumerism has rapt us in technological – digital association and contact.

I was talking with a friend who has a night bar, she was telling me about how many less customers coming to her bar since 18 years ago (at 1993),which she opened the bar.

I told her that you must refresh – change your product and services, to keep your old customers and attract new, but most important, apart from this, she must have in her mind that internet last years progress, has change people’s entertainment.

Especially youth, who is growing, nurture, depending from internet and they prefer to spare their ‘touch’ and ‘extroversion’ through internet.

This is not cause only by world’s economic crisis which we are living in last years – period.

In my opinion most of all because in people’s diathesis and will, which is to stay in their homes and contact, communicate through internet: (Facebook, Windows live, Myspace and more), with other people. They think that they are safe through they desktop – laptop, but in the end they augment their insecurity to personal touch and approach with other people, even in the same city and same area.

Is fascinating and beautiful to meet people from other countries, with different culture. Share your thoughts, your culture, through the potentials which internet giving you. At the same time we are losing the directness and freedom of personal association.

We create this insecurity connection because we are not hiding by desktop’s or laptop’s screen, where we can pretend or cover some of our character, and reach us to retire and trap our behavior in the lost comfort and lost impulsiveness.

Is it really the new generation so smart as they say?

Without mood to denigrate, they try to imposing their atomistic and individual being, try to make them, attitude, dressing, acting the same, like soldiers, affect and insulting to their different entity.

Today human being is connected to technological- digital progress and existence.

We live through technology’s effects and detracting human’s effects. Despite of having more ways for information and knowledge, I believe people mislead, dormant and lead them easier and more radically. Because confusing with everything around him/her, without can really progress and ‘build’ himself/herself, also their true and direct communication with other people.

Living in very oxymoron period, where we contact and communicate with people from different countries, this has augment losing our communication with people closer to us, also losing the real, solid, honestly and safe contact and touch…

We all are technology’s hostages, which (technology) progressing contrariwise to us humans, where we passing through the centuries without progressing as a kind, as attitude, as being…

I reckon that our trap and dependence to technology, prove by we can’t handle it right and using it actually for our own benefit. Technology is an important instrument to keep and control masses especially in the cities, lest to people associate and to demonstrate in the streets more radically.

Another important role through technology, besides internet, is video games, which drive us to live in a virtual reality and we; people playing the role of the controller or the ‘God’.

Technology has simplify or help some of our everyday things and activities, like medicine, but at the same time has augment and bump human existence, together with its lechery to human’s nature, creating a lost concomitance of these both.

We’ve lost this harmonic approach of the people who live in the same city.

The uncontrolled use of technology, has augment our isolation and drive us to an abnormal individualism progress. Our individualism is an important role for our existence, for our entity as well as a part of people’s group.

The way we nurture via isolation and our ‘dedication’ to technology, create an amiss influence to ‘selfevolution’.

Internet (in its wrong function by us, together with the absence of normal use), in combination with ‘construct’ terrorism, is an effective way to handle the people – mass keeping them, so do not ‘actually’ react.

Human organism function like technology machine, red and blue wires has displace veins and arteries, our organism now has microchips, batteries and hard drives.

Computer in its progress has become greatest invention than typography.

Lastly, human has lost his/her existential role, through technology progress. Is no doubt that technology has offered many good and useful things, but as always happened good things brings and some bad things as well.

In my opinion this is, the conflict between his/her existence as well with the nature, who has (human) causes too many disasters. More difficult is for new generations where fully nurture in this way of life.

The excess on every expression of our life, brings opposites and bad results, but it is very difficult to handle and balance them…

Photos from the exhibition ‘Past-PresentOnProgress’’ at ‘Polytechno’ Corfu-Greece

Posted December 7th, 2011











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  1. Joanna Says:

    Great article about communication and technology! Hello by Joanna Neuman

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    Creative blog and posts. I like the photos be taken on your show. Glad finding your blog and exploring your art Mr. Petrakis.

  3. Donald Godfrey Says:

    Commputication is a very interesting topic. Donald Godfrey.

  4. Sonya Says:

    The article Commputicacion and the perspective of your art are very inspiring about how our culture has became.

  5. Robert Brat Says:

    Very cool!!!

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