‘My PostcARTS’ part I

Dear Friends,

First of all I would like to wish you happy, healthy and a wonderful New Year, following all your passions…

After 3 years of operation of this blog, and here I would to thanks everyone for their support, comments, emails also for visiting my blog, I decide to republish some of my most important lines, photos and mentions, from all of my previous posts, on 3 to 4 parts.

I would like also to thank all of you from my art collectors, those who have visited my shows so far, as well as the people who have react positively about my work…

As well another message to all of you for the new year is please support the Arts and Artists on any expression, especially on this period.

Hello friends – World Economic Christ is

Post on October 25th, 2010

Don’t you forget, we, ourselves, are the stars of the daily life, and our life must not be affected by what they serve us, but use everything around us, as we realize it and prefer it.

You allow me to share with you one comment about World Economic Crisis.

So, where this all will stop? Maybe we must expect the coming of the World Economic Christ is? ‘To heal our souls, our greed and our wallet holes… ‘.

I share with you a sketch one of my new artworks, talking about human greed and bulimia for what our personal existence goes.

LG- Large Guzzler  (Sketch)

LG- Large Guzzler (Sketch)

LG – Large Guzzler (Sketch)

ART ‘s heART is being apART?

Post on November 10th, 2010

Some lines from the post

We live in technology progress, no in human’s progress.

We all made of, via and between ME and MEdia.

The existence of today media’s creations has become from 15 minutes of fame, to 15 minutes of shame, cause its shallow attitude.

Earth’s environment is not changing, is repeating through the years, the fauna beings disappear and transmute together with human’s existence.

We  haven’t yet become integrated robots, we now communicate through technology, like robots.


ART ‘s heART is being apART?


Art has lost its poetic and literature expression, has become more amusement and more media attribution and position.

Medicine for diseases, or diseases is the medicine?

Medicine or  MEDIAcine or MEDIA(CINE)?

ME mADe by MEdia or MEdia mADe by ME?

Post on January 27th, 2011

So, ME mADe by MEdia or MEdia mADe by ME? A big question, we create media, through our existence and personal pursuit, but now our attitude lead by them?

Media always bridle the mass, especially in middle of word’s economic crisis. Through people’s disposition to turned in to popular culture to forget his/her problems, media’s attribution and services, becomes stronger to hold and diktat the mass.

Human existence, specially through appearance, of called POP culture, is in-wrought and lead by media, through the years this influence and relation become stronger.

I admit that media has offer to humanity many wonderful things & creations, even now in their overwhelming majority are trashes.

TV is a digital mirror, which through its presentable figures and their products, welcomes – drives us to pretend them through its multicollectable (or maybe not?). Maybe its progress should be, to become more accessible.

Of course media is not only TV, are magazines, radio, newspapers and more.

ME – Medea – MEdia

Playing with words, Media are just like Medea, an ancient Greek tragedy written by Greek philosopher Euripides, who kills her own son Jason. Somehow I believe Media trying to control our minds and souls, with diathesis to kill our existence and uniqueness. Killing its viewers and listeners, personal attribute. We are Media’s kids and take us wherever its prefer, without killing us in real, but killing our personal being.

ADam – AD – mAD or Adam – mAD – AD

Maybe the secret it is in word mADe, has the words ME & AD-from advertise.

Finally we are all ADam’s kids and modern Eden is not full of trees and fruits but full of product’s stands.


Post on April 6th, & June 7th, 2011

Through my art – philosophy, which is the combination between words and icons – pictures, I want to show that we, humans, as unique personalities we are the “stars” of our everyday life.

It is how we accept our reality and not how they serves it through the flood of icons, objects and words, which bombs our spiritual – emotional, human entity.

I present a word game within my new ideas, creations, projects, with some of my artworks titles. My viewpoint in the art across to humanity.

– Money is My ONE.
– ARTery is the brush of my Art.
– Forests cannibalism drives them for Rest.
– Across, is our mirror and mirror shows our role.
– I am ADam and AD is I AM.
– All starts from ONE, which is BONE.
– Woman and man becomes w(h)oMAN.
– Cross shows the cross(roads) of our religion.
– Coins have nowadays our “face”, so SOS to humanity.
– FA is (F)uture (A)uswich.
– Me & You turns to MY.
– Our heart works with arteries, batteries connect with cables…

-Through Mirror its Me Or…
-Big cities are trapped by human flesh and bones.
-And comes the End…
-Last Kiss always Kill.
-POP is Torn, is Horn, is Thorn, is Storm, is…
-BE Beautiful, BE Beast, BE on Beat, BE…
-Nowadays Paradise brings humanity on Ice.
-Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Love me, or Love me not.
-I love you through geometry, through your hiding parts …
-RGB comes from nature and our nature.
-Give me Five, Give me Fire.
-Cross leads you in Crossroads.
-Hello from Hell.
-Hide in Mass and wear your Mask.
-Feelings as products, with a trade mark.

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  1. Gary Says:

    Hello Mike Petrakis. I follow and visit your blog several times. I’ve stuck on your post ‘Me made by media or Media made by Me’, where is definitely an interesting view for the relation of people and Media. Nice view again, sending you my greetings for the New Year.

  2. Timothy Says:

    An interesting personal blog about Your thoughts and opinion for popular culture and the our world.
    I will wait your next re-posts for my complete comment and opinion. Timothy Greinfield

  3. Marina P. Says:

    Not agree with all your writings Mr. Petrakis, I keen more on your art style and works.

  4. Nicky Says:

    Digest comments about our contemporary culture and lives.

  5. Steve Says:

    Beautiful artwork! Steve

  6. fan de peliculas Says:

    esta excelente

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