ME mADe by MEdia or MEdia mADe by ME?

So, ME mADe by MEdia or MEdia mADe by ME? A big question, we create media, through our existence and personal pursuit, but now our attitude lead by them.

Media always bridle the mass, especially in middle of word’s economic crisis. Through people’s disposition to turned in to popular culture to forget his/her problems, media’s attribution and services, becomes stronger to hold and diktat the mass.

Human existence, specially through appearance, of called POP culture, is in-wrought and lead by media, through the years this influence and relation become stronger.

I admit that media has offer to humanity many wonderful things & creations, even now in their overwhelming majority are trashes.

TV is a digital technology mirror.

TV is a digital mirror, which through its presentable figures and their products, welcomes – drives us to pretend them through its multicollectable (or maybe not?). Maybe its progress should be, to become more accessible.

Of course media is not only TV, are magazines, radio, newspapers and more.

ME – Medea – MEdia

Playing with words, Media are just like Medea, an ancient Greek tragedy written by Greek philosopher Euripides, who kills her own son Jason. Somehow I believe Media trying to control our minds and souls, with diathesis to kill our existence and uniqueness. Killing its viewers and listeners, personal attribute. We are Media’s kids and take us wherever its prefer, without killing us in real, but killing our personal being.

ADam – AD – mAD or Adam – mAD – AD

Maybe the secret it is in word mADe, has the words ME & AD-from advertise.

Finally we are all ADam’s kids and modern Eden is not full of trees and fruits but full of product’s stands.

With Regards

Mike Petrakis

10 Responses to “ME mADe by MEdia or MEdia mADe by ME?”

  1. elen Says:

    Mike congratulations for your very interesting blog and site,too!I am looking forward your new post!Good luck to everything you would like to do.

  2. Tray Says:

    I agree and like your new post Mr Petrakis, media playing an important role to our entity

  3. michael newman Says:

    Hello Mike, I visit very often your website and your blog where I mostly agree with, I ‘m expecting to see your new work, also I read at news that you will relocate in US. My best wishes.

  4. tommy Says:

    I like your new post Mr. Petrakis, media have totaly destroy our entity.

  5. Sarah Says:

    Tommy told me to visit your website and blog, I like your work Mr Petrakis and your opinions about the mass culture. Hello

  6. Sam Says:

    Good point about the Greek tragedy- great post!

  7. peter Says:

    I like your new post Sir Petrakis, also the comment for the relationship between media and adverts.

  8. marianne Says:

    Hello Mike, woderful art and blog too, my greetings.

  9. kenny Says:

    Hello Mr Petrakis, I visit your website and bog and found them very interesting, I’m an artist too.

  10. JOHN Says:

    I understand and agree with some things of your blog, but I have my objections, in the end also I like your art and philosophy Mr Petrakis.

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